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Prosecco Palazzo combines our love of the classic Piaggio Ape with that of all other things Italian…

...especially Prosecco!

The much-loved Ape is still a common site all over Italy, manufactured since the 1940s and still regularly used as impromptu market stalls by farmers in southern Italy or in medieval towns where narrow streets aren’t suitable for larger vans. The little, slow-moving Ape is one of the only vehicles capable of navigating central Venice without the risk of ending up in the Grand Canal!

Our van Bubbles is a self-contained mobile bar, giving you endless possibilities as to where it can be operated and what you can serve. Ideally, we would have access to a standard plug socket but we can operate on battery power in more remote locations.

About Our Wine

The two separate pumps on the side of the van mean that we can serve two completely different drinks of your choice so although sparkling wines are our most popular option please ask if you have any additional requirements.

Italian law stipulates that once you put Prosecco in anything larger than a 750ml or 1.5 litre bottle it can’t be labelled Prosecco. Instead, it can only be called vino frizzante (lightly sparkling wine) even when the same wine from the same winery can be bottled and called a Prosecco. The great advantage of serving sparkling wine on tap is that our mobile flash cooler ensures that every drink is served at the perfect temperature.